Cinema Time with Children

Today we had a cinema visit with the orphans of the “Place of Hope” orphanage, located in Baku. After having conversations with kids and becoming acquainted with their living conditions, we went to the superhero movie screening, trying to deliver the children that they are the true superheroes, facing the hardships of life with no surrender and that each of them can reach great achievements, making the dreams come true.

We realize our responsibility to help and support the children deprived of the family care in the society that we are a part of. It causes us to remember that there are always young representatives of humanity who need us to be around and care as much as we can.

For almost two decades, we launch and participate charity programs aimed at aiding contribution and improvement of living standards of orphanages, boarding schools and retreats for children from dysfunctional families, as well as, children with physical disabilities.  

In a daily routine of life, do not forget the ones who struggle to find their route in life.