Medical Support

Based on our slogan – Where Safety Leads to Quality - we pay particular importance to the state of health of our staff, providing medical coverage for each employee, as well as, modernizing and maintaining a Medical Support Center on the territory of the Heydar Aliyev Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory.

Our BDWJF site clinic has all the necessary equipment and medicine, including an ambulance, ready to provide coverage and assistance 24/7.

We organize and perform first aid trainings to assure that each BOS Shelf employee operates under the optimal psychological-physical conditions;

All the medical services are based on: 
  • Medical Structures
  • Occupational Health
  • Hygiene and Medical Surveillance
  • Emergency Medical Response

Medical Structures include the Site clinic, Pharmacy, First Aid Kits, Ambulance, nearest local hospitals.

Occupational Health - the safeguarding and the managing of employees' health during the performance of work. In this context, the medical personnel's work is mainly based on preventive measures and considers all the activities whose execution constitutes a health risk due to operational, hygienic, climatic and existing logistic conditions.

A health prevention program starts with Health Risks Assessment and pre-employment medical fitness examinations and continues with periodic monitoring of employees psychological-physical conditions, their training and education.

Hygiene and Medical Surveillance - the prevention of any communicable disease outbreaks that could compromise employee health.

Emergency Medical Response – provision of proper medical treatment as soon as possible, in all cases of medical emergencies and serious injuries. In each medical emergency, our medical team utilizes the most suitable means of transport available, keeping to the established rules, if the emergency is due to an accident or a disease. After the provision of the first aid, the medical team transports the patient to the Medical Support Center for further assessment.