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Our Mission and Values


We aim for safe implementation of any project we are involved in, for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the economy of our country, keeping Safety, Quality, Planning, Environment, Profitability as the key points of our activity.


We deem that people are our most important asset and hence Health and Safety issues have always been of paramount importance within all our business activities. As a result, BOS Shelf has been fully committed to the HSE matters at each level of responsibility, since the very beginning of its operations. 

BOS Shelf’s HSE management system has been developed to create a safe and healthy working environment, not only by complying with the health and safety legislation, but also to act responsibly in preventing injuries, illnesses, damages and losses resulting from activities during the field operations. We implement all the proper means to ensure the Health, Safety and the Well-Being of personnel involved in our work areas and to ensure that our activities do not have a negative impact on assets, equipment and the environment.

Our driving value is also to understand and anticipate our customers' needs and expectations and satisfy them through safe and timely solutions that preserve personnel, assets/equipment, facility, and the environment.

At BOS Shelf we believe that a correct, open and cooperative relationship with all stakeholders is vital for the success of each complex project. For each project, social, economic and environmental effects are continuously monitored, as well as the satisfaction of customer’s requirements.

We always count on the local community, mainly offering employment opportunities, and personnel training, by working effectively with local suppliers and subcontractors, creating economic and social value, and finally by contributing to infrastructure construction.