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BOS Shelf launches internship program for graduates of leading technical universities of Azerbaijan

10 March 2020

The exclusive operator of the Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory named after Heydar Aliyev, BOS Shelf LLC launches internship program for the graduates of the leading technical universities of Azerbaijan.

The company admitted 14 students, qualified for the internship program, including students of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan Technical University and Khazar University.

“Today, talented youth of our country needs support to fully reveal their potential. Throughout our activities, we have always tried to keep pace with the times, while not forgetting to look to the future. That is why we consider it our duty to support those who are to live and create in that future,” said BOS Shelf CEO Ikhtiyar Akhundov during the meeting with the universities’ rectors.

He emphasized that the internship program will become a part of BOS Shelf’s “Young Talents” project, created and implemented by the company with the aim of educating and practical training of Azerbaijani human resources, with subsequent employment within oil and gas projects in Azerbaijan.

“Probably, one of the main reasons for our success during the decades of work on international scale projects was the effective professional symbiosis of local and foreign staff. However, now we can provide much more resources and opportunities, which allow us to nurture a new generation of specialists who will be able to replace their foreign colleagues. This is exactly what our internship program aims at, becoming one of many steps we take in this direction. Staying committed to the state policy of personnel nationalization within international projects, we aim to continue to support and employ the human resources of our country,” said Ikhtiyar Akhundov.

Rectors of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Khazar University and Azerbaijan Technical University expressed their support for the BOS Shelf initiative.

The one-year BOS Shelf internship program will provide students with practical training and skills in areas such as Engineering, Construction, Planning, HSE, Quality Control and Quality Assessment. All the trainees will be provided with salaries and medical insurance.

At the completion of the internship program, BOS Shelf experts will evaluate the achievements, knowledge and skills of trainees. Graduates successfully completing the program will receive relevant certificates and job offers from the company.